Covid-19 Virus Statement



Dear Valued Supplier:

At ALTA Foods we are acting with an abundance of caution as it relates to COVID-19. As a manufacturer of food products that are consumed by thousands of people every day, we take our responsibility to deliver safe food to our consumers as our highest priority. Some steps that we have taken to insure this is:

1) All employees that are based at the plant are on a travel restriction. Any employee taking travel not approved by the company in advance must stay away from the plant for fourteen (14) days after they return home.

2) All visitors have been eliminated from the plant. Only employees are allowed to enter the building with one exception: truck drivers are allowed to enter the driver lobby just inside the building but are not allowed to pass beyond this room. This room is being sanitized 2 times per day.

We will continue to evaluate the situation and will take additional steps if we feel it is necessary.

As a valued supplier, we request that you review your own policies and take similar steps. We also ask that you share with us any insights you have that you believe could be helpful to us as it relates to understanding your own steps to address this issue. 

Thank you,

Don Barnes